2015 Virginia State USBC Pepsi Youth Interim Results

Interim Results for the 2015 Virginia State USBC Pepsi Youth Championships  through the first weekend (12 April) are now available under our Standings page.  Remaining weekends are 25/26 April and 2/3 May.

7 thoughts on “2015 Virginia State USBC Pepsi Youth Interim Results

  1. When will the final results of the Youth Pepsi Tournament be available? Last I read it was going to be finalized the week of May 17, 2015 and it is now the week of June 1, 2015.

    • Hello again
      I am waiting on a reply from the Pepsi Tournament manager. I am sorry for the delay and as soon as I can get the information I will post it here.

  2. I spoke with Ken Spriggins ( Pepsi Youth Tournament Manager ) today and Ken stated that the standinging should be completed by the end of this week. Please check back and we are sorry for the delay.
    Johnny Harris
    Virginia State USBC
    Association Manager

    • ken is good manager and in any tournament it take a good 30 days from last day of tournament pepsi . remember johnny, ken does not want any mistake. but every one can make mistake. ken want to make it good. we are in a scholarship funds for the youth bowlers.
      thank you johnny
      jim kincaid

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