Entry Forms Available for 2020 State Senior Tournament

Entry forms are now available under our Tournaments page for the Virginia State USBC 2020 Senior Tournament. The team event will be held at Bowl America Bull Run and the doubles & singles event will be held at Bowl America Chantilly. Tournament starts October 17-18, 2020 and ends November 7-8, 2020. Entries close September 16, 2020.  Remember, you may now bowl at age 50!

2020 Virginia State Pepsi Youth Championships (Cancellation Notice)

Since the last Virginia State Pepsi Youth Championship update, USBC had pushed the Pepsi tournaments completion deadline from 15 May to 15 June, so a window of opportunity had opened. But with the Governors of Maryland and Virginia along with the DC Mayor’s new orders, the window has closed again.

With these latest developments the Virginia State Pepsi Youth Championships is now CANCELED. As with the other State bowling events, we will try and reschedule at a later date.

I will be reaching out to all the coaches as listed on the qualifier forms to arrange refund checks or to return checks not yet deposited. I will be sending a separate individual email regarding the returns to verify mailing addresses and to whom to make the check payable to. As this is a new experience for all, please show patience as I work my way through the entries.

I realize this burdens you, the coaches, with getting the refunds to your individual bowlers, but there is no other way.

If I can provide any additional information or assistance, please let me know.

As events continue to unfold, I will keep everybody informed if developments appear to open an opportunity to have a tournament this season.

Take care and be safe,
Ken Sprigings, Virginia State Pepsi, Tournament Director

VA State Open, Youth Tournaments Canceled

Fellow Virginia State USBC Bowlers:
With the latest developments and Governor’s new Order The Virginia State USBC Tournament is now CANCELED as well as the Virginia State USBC Youth Tournament . We will try and reschedule at a later date.

I will be reaching out to the team captains already entered to arrange refund checks. Please show patience as this will take awhile to process all the entries already submitted.I thank you in advance. Please stay safe and well until we get all this behind us.

Johnny Harris, Virginia State USBC, Association Manager