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Welcome to the Virginia State USBC website.  It is the purpose of this website to provide the bowlers in the State of Virginia a central point to view information on upcoming events and current standings for tournaments offered by the Virginia State USBC.  We hope this site is beneficial to you and that you will visit it often.


Apply the highest standards of excellence to the delivery of our services and treat one and all with respect and dignity.


Provide all Virginia bowlers the opportunity to excel in organized bowling on a statewide level.


The Virginia State USBC has the aim to promote the appeal of Ten Pin Bowling and to provide quality service to the local associations.


Any references on this web site to any product, service, business or company is not intended as an endorsement or recommendation by the Virginia State USBC, Inc.


34 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Please furnish a copy of the Hall of Fame methodology used to elect members. Not the requirements, the methodology ….Thanks…

  2. Johnny Harris

    GFUSBCA are looking for the same type of jackets for our Hall of Fame members tat the state uses. Can please inform me as to what company you order from.

    Thank you,
    Deberia Henningsen
    3rd Vice President

    • Hello
      The tournament manager is out of town until Friday 6/22/2018. The update will not be available until the first of next week. Sorry for the inconvenience..
      Johnny Harris
      VA State USBC
      Association Manager

  3. Hi,
    I do not see my scratch score for the 2017 VSUSBC Women Championship. Please advise. Thank you.

  4. When will the/or have they already been? 2017 65th edition of the VA State bowling tourney sites be announced? Hoping to see it finally return to Northern VA.

    • Your comment has been forwarded to the VA State Association Manager for an updated list for posting on the website. Locations for the next year’s tournament are always announced during opening remarks at the start of each tournament squad.

  5. Do you have historical information archived dating back to the period of 1972-1994? I’m doing some research on the former VA BA and need some help on finding some information on state tournament standings, 300 games and the old VA State All Star Team Award (for the top five averages in the state).

    Yvonne (Tison/Shaw) Bennett

  6. Not sure if this is the correct forum but here we go. I have been on my local associations website(Tidewater) and they don’t keep the site current. I was looking for an entry form for our local city tournament and the only thing available was 2014. It was my understanding that a portion of the sanction fees we pay yearly goes to the local association to maintain an office and provide local bowlers with the latest information. Help!

    Sincerely Mike

  7. Hello Russell
    I have looked into the records and I see nothing there for any three person teams. It appears that three person team records isn’t something that the State has ever recorded. I am sorry that I couldn’t help with the information that you seek.
    Johnny Harris
    Virginia State USBC
    Assoociation Manager

  8. Hello Russell
    I will have to look back at the records. I’m not really sure that we will have a three man team single game record, but I will check . I will try and have the information for you this week.
    Johnny Harris
    VA. State USBC
    Association Manager

  9. Good Morning, Would like info on replacing my Va-600 card? Wallet was stolen on last trip and lost everything! I did find Nat’l 600 form and will also complete this. Thanks!!

  10. Hello
    Is there a link to the VA State Bowling Tournament all time records?? Or were they kept at all??

  11. I have a group of Seniors who competed at the 2013 VA Senior State Tournament and would like to know the outcome of the money distributed, they said it is usually listed with the final standings but when I checked for them it was not posted. Please contact me as soon as you can. Thanks

    • Your inquiry has been forwarded to the VA State USBC Association Manager and the Seniors Tournament Manager for comment. The only standings received for posting on the website so far has been the actual full standings list with no money listed.

  12. i was wondering how i can get tournament forms mail to our bowling alley? we are at fireside lanes at 146 cordelia in cedar bliff va 24637, need the seinors, men and womens. thanks

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