Board Members

Association Manager:
Johnny Harris
Virginia State USBC
46 Cambridge Place
Lynchburg, VA 24502
Cell: 434-660-1780
Monday-Friday 9:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 5:00pm

August 1, 2019 – July 31, 2020

President Anne Ray (2021) Virginia Peninsula USBC
1st Vice President Rick Ketchie (2020) Nation’s Capital Area USBC
2nd Vice President James Washington (2022) Greater Richmond Area USBC
Sergeant-At-Arms Sheila Hicks (2021) New River Valley USBC
Director #1 Ira “Billy” Paxton (2021) Greater Roanoke Area USBC
Director #2 Jim Brooks (2021) Virginia Peninsula USBC
Director #3 Tommy Wooldridge (2021) Lynchburg Area USBC
Director #4 (Youth) Adam Mitchell (2021) Nation’s Capital Area USBC
Director #5 Don Kendrick (2020) Henry County USBC
Director #6 Johnny Harris (2020) Lynchburg Area USBC
Director #7 Troy Manuel (2020) Lynchburg Area USBC
Director #8 (Youth) A J Simmons (2020) Central Shenandoah Valley USBC
Director #9 (Youth) Robin Hollyfield (2020) Nation’s Capital Area USBC
Director #10 Tom Dale (2022) Nation’s Capital Area USBC
Director #11 Wanda Bland (2022) Appomattox River USBC
Director #12 Vickie Rengers (2022) Greater Richmond USBC
Director #13 David Anderson (2022) South Boston USBC
Director #14 (Youth) Robbie Thomas (2022) Alleghany-Bath USBC

4 thoughts on “Board Members

  1. Good Evening – this past week-end we attended the Virginia Women’s State Tournament in Lynchburg, VA- First house had a tacky approach – second one had a very slippery approach. But the biggest issue was the oil on both set’s of houses. We understand that you do not dress the lanes between shifts – I talked to the second shift players and ALL agreed that the lanes need to be dressed in-between shifts – Yes we know you have to pay for that – but we would be willing to start a half hour later on the second shift and even pay 5.00 extra for this when we register. If there was any oil on the lanes it was long gone before we bowl at 1:00 on Saturday. When you are traveling to come down to the lanes and it takes some of us over 3 1/2 hours to get there there is no way we want to bowl at 8:00 on a Saturday. Also the average for Division A needs to be raised – it is crazy for some of older ladies to be in the Division A where all the ladies are coming in around a 170 average or higher (because the only sub to get a 21 game count for an average which they proceed to bowl over 200 a game). Have been addressing this concern since they went to the 2 Divisions. Or maybe even had a senior’s Division added. Like I said I talked to a lot of teams on the second shift and even ladies that are coming down later to bowl. They all agree that they would be willing to wait an extra half–hour if it means fresh oil along with talking to the Managers of the lanes on the cost to do it. With that many entries you have it even would not cost an extra 5 a person to change this. SO please address this at your meeting. I also noticed that we are not the only tournament that has brought this to your attention over the years. Someone needs to really look at this issue and fix it.

  2. I really enjoy your site. It is set up very well and I am able to navigate its pages very easily. Thanks for getting the Open Tournament Standings updated quickly. My teammates and I enjoy being able to see where we stand. A couple of things that I don’t see is an approved Prize List for the tournament and a listing of how many teams, singles and doubles (scratch and handicap) that are participating. That would be nice also.

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