17 thoughts on “2015 Virginia State Pepsi Youth Results

  1. Could you correct U10 boys participant Mitchell Mortensen. Last name is incorrectly spelled in the standings. Thank you.

  2. I realize these are unofficial results but my sons name is not listed anywhere that I can find his name is Sheldon can you tell me why

      • Hello
        An answer to your question came very quickly. The Standings only show the Top 20 places per event and your son unfortunately did not finish in the Top 20. All bowlers will appear in the listings when the standings are finalized.
        Johnny Harris

    • Hello
      I have contacted the Pepsi Tournament manager and we are working on this and should have an answer this week.
      Johnny Harris
      Virginia State USBC
      Association Manager

  3. without comments to the tournaments managers the tournament would not run smooth.again. thank you for the the comment jonathan. ken run a good tournament each year. thank you again

  4. Would like to know where my daughters name is in the ten and under girls. Payten Gary is her name and she bowled a 402 series.

  5. Something needs to be done about the placement of the kids because of the birth dates my son is 8 and had to bowl in the 10 in under divesion because his birthday is in July ,if your 8 you should bowl against 8 year olds that’s not fair to the kids

      • The divisions are based on birth dates as directed by USBC. There are as follows:

        U8 Boys – U8 Girls Bowlers whose birthdate is 8/1/2006 or later
        U10 Boys – U10 Girls Bowlers whose birthdate is 8/1/2004 thru 7/31/06
        U12 Boys – U12 Girls Bowlers whose birthdate is 8/1/2002 thru 7/31/04
        U15 Boys – U15 Girls Bowlers whose birthdate is 8/1/1999 thru 7/31/02
        U20 Boys – U20 Girls Bowlers whose birthdate is 8/1/1994 thru 7/31/99

        It would be impossible to 8yrs only bowling with 8yrs. With a national tournament run by 50 different states with differing dates for their events, and any tournament more than one day, it is impossible. They should contact USBC if their issue is with the divisional breakdown.

        All the bowlers are competing within their age groups as noted above. And there are separate divisions for boys and girls.

        We typically schedule the bowlers to only bowl with others in their divisions. However there are exceptions. When the squad is full and fills the house, we make a few adjustments to get the bowlers scheduled without putting too many bowlers on a pair to keep the next squad on schedule and to accommodate as many bowler’s schedule requests as we can.

        Also, when the squad is small and there are there are only a couple of bowlers in a specific division we may place them on lanes with another small division group, not more than 1 division higher or lower to keep from having 1 or 2 bowlers bowling by themselves. Or we might put Under8 boys with Under8 girls if there are only say 4 or 5 bowlers. Regardless of how they are placed in their lane assignments, their scores are based on their division and compared only to other bowlers in their own division to determine the scholarships awards. The lane assignments are made by me based on numbers of bowlers.

        I would be glad to discuss with the questioner if they so desire. I can be reached at the number below.

        I hope this helps,
        Ken Sprigings
        Tournament Director

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