2022 Virginia State Senior Tournament Official Final Prize List and Standings Available

The official final prize lists, along with the official final standings for the 2022 Virginia State USBC Senior Open and Senior Women’s Tournament are now available under the “2022 Virginia State Senior Tournament Standings” page. Prize checks will be mailed the week of 11/28 to the team captains.

Entry Forms and Online Registration Available for 2023 Tournaments


Entry forms are now available under our Tournaments page for the following 2023 tournaments:

In addition to the traditional forms, we are again have online registration for the Women’s, Open and Senior Tournaments. If you are familiar with the National USBC Tournament online sign-up process, this works basically the same way. You will have the ability to schedule dates and squads, pay for your upcoming events and receive immediate confirmation. Thanks to USBC for your continued help in making this possible.

Please check out the tournament page at the link below and if we can help please let us know. You will need to register and set up a log-in username as well as a password. The link is active now and awaiting entries.

Virginia State USBC Online Tournament Registration Link