March 20, 2020 Status Update

Hello Virginia State USBC Bowlers.  We wanted to give you an update with all the misinformation that is circulating right now.

  1. The Virginia State USBC Women’s Tournament IS CANCELED.  We plan to reschedule at a later date, if possible.  Refunds are being mailed to the team captains, but please be patient.
  2. The Virginia State USBC Open, scheduled to start on May 16, IS STILL A GO AT THIS TIME.  The Virginia State Board of Directors are scheduled to hold a meeting on April 19, 2020 to discuss going forward with this Tournament.
  3. The Virginia State Board of Directors and Delegates Annual Meeting scheduled for May 9, 2020 IS CANCELED.  Please let your representatives know.
  4. Please follow us here or on Facebook for information.

Johnny Harris, Virginia State USBC Association Manager

1 thought on “March 20, 2020 Status Update

  1. Thank You for the update!
    Please everyone be safe and stay healthy.
    Everyone please remember during these uncertain times that as a bowling community we need to consider those who make this great sport possible for us to participate in. Please support your local bowling centers when they reopen, they will need it. Please support your local, state and national USBC with a little understanding as they try to keep our bowling options open.

    Thank You To Johnny and all the members of the state association for your hard work!!

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