5 thoughts on “2016 Virginia State Open Tournament Standings After Week 4

  1. Have been trying to get my team substitutions for next week to Billy, but keep getting notes returned as being undeliverable. Any idea if system will be up soon? Using email address: vsba@sprynet.com

    • The email account (vsba@sprynet.com) is not hosted by us. We have no way of knowing anything about availability. There is also a phone and fax number listed on the tournament entry form. You could try either of those, or just wait until you get on-site to make your substitutions.

  2. You click the link but when it goes to the Standings page, there is still the Standings link for week 3…nothing for week 4..???

    • Sorry, my mistake, I forgot to change the week 3 to week 4 on the main standings page. I will fix that. Note that if you actually follow that link to go to the different division/event standings, they are indeed updated for week 4.

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