10 thoughts on “2016 Virginia State Women’s Tournament Standings After Week 4

  1. Wish we had known that – but it is what it is – BTW saw the update of the 5th week and once again either this tournament needs to go back to 3 Divisions or raise the average for Division A – too many bowlers just maintaining a low average and coming in and bowling what their average should be – just saying it needs to be looked at.

      • Thank you either way we will be in Richmond next year – BTW – do you know the dates yet since NASCAR is also in Richmond in April?

      • I only do the website. Entry forms will be out in September. If I am told about the dates ahead of time they will be posted.

    • Not until the results are final, which is at least a few weeks after the tournament ends. Week 5 results were just received for posting a short while ago and should be on the website tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.

    • The extra weeks were only if needed. Since this latest standings includes low to cash and looks like a full list of standings, it seems they are the unofficial final standings.

    • Donna, I stand corrected, there was at least a 5th weekend, results should be posted tonight or tomorrow morning. My apologies, I should have double-checked before responding to you.

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