Danville Youth Bowlers Participate in the 2015 State Games of America

Recently two Danville USBC youth bowlers participated in the 2015 State Games of America in Lincoln, Nebraska.  These bowlers medaled in the Commonwealth Games of Virginia, allowing them to then compete in the national tournament representing the state of Virginia.   Those bowlers were Emma and Hannah Hale of Axton, VA.  Besides competing in the games, the girls were selected as the flag bearers for the state of Virginia.  This honor allowed them to lead the contingent of athletes from the state of Virginia into Memorial stadium for the opening ceremonies of the 2015 State Games of America on Friday July 31, 2015.  On August 1, 2015, the twins competed in youth doubles, youth U15 girls division and in female singles 150 and over average.  Emma had success in the U15 division by defeating both the third seed, Hannah Hale and the first seed, Kathryn Stuckenschmidt of Omaha, NE leaving Emma to bring home the Gold medal and Hannah the Bronze medal.   The playoff match between the girls was intense and both brought their “A” game.  Both girls bowled well during the event, and were proud to represent the Virginia USBC.  It was a whirlwind weekend, but a highly successful one for the girls.  Both of them enjoyed the competition and the chance to meet other bowlers from many different states.

2015 State Games of America

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