2013 Virginia State Open Tournament Standings After Week 3

Standings after the 3rd weekend of the 2013 Virginia State USBC 61st Annual Open Tournament were posted yesterday (June 5) under our Standings page.  TAKE NOTE:  AN ISSUE CAUSED ONLY THE FIRST PAGE OF MOST CATEGORIES TO COME THROUGH. HOPEFULLY THIS PROBLEM WILL BE REMEDIED BEFORE THE STANDINGS FOR THE 4TH WEEKEND ARE POSTED.

7 thoughts on “2013 Virginia State Open Tournament Standings After Week 3

  1. I have a question about the “open” format..Why is it an open format,and not “mens” tournament,like it used to be? And if it is going to stay an open tournament,why not make the “womens” tournament an “open” as well…Something just seems unfair,and unsportsman about it…

    • The Virginia State USBC is required by USBC to host an Open (Men and Women), Women’s and Youth Tournament as Virginia is a Merged State Association. We also , as a service to our bowlers, offer a Seniors Tournament and Mixed Tournament. Further questions concerning tournament participation should be directed to USBC Rules at 800-514-2695. The requirements USBC has established for a chartered local or state association when it comes to Championship Tournaments is also available online at Bowl.com in Chapter 7 of the Association Operations Manual, Section E (currently page 32).

      • Thank you for your effort. But that does not answer my question..I guess I’ll have to take it up with the USBC…


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