5 thoughts on “2013 Virginia State Open Tournament Standings After Week 2

  1. theking i bowl at amf norfork had great time we bowl at 8 nice and hampton sunday great time keep up the good work

  2. Hello, I bowled today at AMF Norfolk, doubles and singles shift, 4pm and was very disappointed. I am in the military and have bowled in a number of state tournaments and can say the lane conditions were horrible for this shift. They were dry and unplayable. For a state tournament, I think everyone should compete at the same level regardless of shift. With a 60 lane bowling center, it would of been manageable to rotate the shifts to a different group of lanes so all could compete on a playable and fair shot. I am bringing this up to my local association in protest. It is unfair to not level the playing field in such a coveted tournament.

    • I have forwarded your comment to the Virginia State Association Secretary and the Virginia State Open Tournament Director. It should also be noted that the entry form states (in red letters) “Lanes dressed once a day”.

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