BVL Participates in National Veterans Day Ceremonies

During the Veteran’s Day Ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetary, the BVL presented a check for close to $800,000.00 to Eric Shineski, Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The check represents the amount raised by the BVL during the past season to provide recreational and therapeutic programs and services for veterans in care at the nation’s VA hospitals. More information and photos are available at the BVL web site.

Front row (seated), left to right: Karen Jost, USBC Director NACAUSBC, Kathy Smestad – Alleghany-Bath USBC, Robbie Thomas – Alleghany-Bath USBC, Christy Blankenship – Appomattox River USBC, Phyllis Hicks – Appomattox River USBC, Diana Paulus – Appomattox River USBC.
Back Row: 3 Representatives – Thunder Lanes, Philadelphia, PA, Marci Williams – USBC & BVL Board, Peter Hamilton – CEO, Brunswick , Wally Hall – BVL Board, Darlene Baker – USBC & BVL Board, John Walker – CEO, Qubica/AMF Bowling, Libby Fletcher – USBC & BVL Board, Elaine Hagan – BVL Board, Mary-Ann Keyes – Appomattox River USBC.

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