2022 Annual Virginia State USBC Senior Tournament
42nd Annual VA State USBC Senior Open Event
41st Annual VA State USBC Senior Women’s Event
15th Annual Optional Team Event
Conducted By: Virginia State USBC
Singles & Doubles Event: Bowl America Fairfax, 9699 Fairfax Blvd., Fairfax, VA
Team Event: Bowl America Bull Run, 10641 Balls Ford Rd., Manassas, VA
Tournament Beginning Date: October 8-9, 2022
Tournament Ending Date: October 29-30, 2022
Entries close Midnight Wednesday September 14, 2022
NOTE: The 10-pin rule will be in effect!!

2022 Virginia State 600 Bowling Club Annual Tournament
Singles & Doubles Event: Holiday Bowl, 11400 Route 1, N. Chesterfield, VA
Tournament Dates: October 15-16, 2022
Rules and Entry Form / Hotel Information
Early entries close Midnight October 8, 2022
NOTE: Walk-Ins Welcome!!

175 thoughts on “Tournaments

  1. When will the 2022 VA Women’s state finals be posted? Also, once again they need to change the averages for the Divisions – NO WAY should Division 1 have a low average of 155. Should be at least a 165 or 170. Too many bowlers that are only bowling 21 games to get a low average and then comes in and bowls 600 and higher sets/

    • Hello
      As of now we have no sub list but I will be happy to start one… you are first. I will need some information… please reach out to me at 434-660-1780
      Johnny Harris
      Virginia State USBC
      Association Manager

  2. 2020 Virginia State USBC Youth 19th Annual High School Tournament is linked to the VIRGINIA STATE USBC 55th Annual Youth Championship Tournament Entry Form in June

  3. When will you start posting results for the 2019 Virginia State USBC 67th Annual Open Handicap Tournament?

  4. I am wondering how a team (‘Neighbors’ entry 241 can have a 933 pin handicap and enter as a division 1 team. Maximum handicap for a division 1 team is 747 pins if I have figured it correctly.

    standard average of 230
    number of bowlers per team 5
    standard team score per game of 1150

    minimum div 1 score per game of 901
    maximum handicap per game per team of 249
    games per series of 3
    total team handicap per series of 747
    NOT 933 as reported for the ‘Neighbors ‘ team

  5. Can you provide an estimated date on when the Final results from the VA Women’s Tournament will be posted. Noticed that they never posted the 3rd week but went straight to the “Unofficial” results. Also, once again – USBC needs to raise the average for Division 1. 155 is way too low for this day and age. Been saying this for 4 years and nothing has been done nor any reason provide on why it has not happen.

    • As explained in an answer to a previous inquiry about the third week results, all officials were out of town so the 3rd week was not received for posting. The official final results should be received and posted within the next week.

      • Thank You – did not see the reply for some reason. Please look into the raising of the average for Division 1 – I believe it is time for a change before the next tournament.

  6. Can someone please assist me on when the USBC Youth state tournament in Manassas Virginia is going to be I have dates of June 16th 17th, and June 23rd and 24th and that following weekend but as I’m looking on the form it does not give us 16th and 17th and unfortunately we have prepared for this state tournament back in December and people have already asked off at work please I need some assistance thank you

    • Hello Janice
      Please send me your contact information and I will pass it along to Anne Ray the Women’s Tournament manager for Virginia State. Also are you local to the Manassas area and available on short notice?
      Johnny Harris
      Virginia State USBC
      Association Manager

      • Hi Johnny,
        I am local,within an hours drive, I can be reached a 304-820-3074 (text is best) or emailed at I am sanctioned, and I do have a pretty flexible schedule ( no little ones to find care for) so wth just little notice I am available.
        Thank you.

  7. Once again I was told that the Women’s State Divisions were being looked because since the average in Division A is so low you have ladies coming in with only establishing and average and showing up bowling over a 100 pins over. Don’t have a problem with two divisions BUT have a problem with the average for the Divisions. Is USBC still looking into raising the average in Division A????

  8. Why is my wife Ericka Harney listed under the men’s entries for the mixed tournament results. I can assure you she is a female and not a man.

    • Hello Mr. Harney
      I do appreciate your comment and I am sure you Sir are correct. A simple keystroke is to be blamed for the error. It has been correct and Mrs. Harney is now in the Women’s division. It will reflect in the Standings after this weekends update.
      We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion,
      Johnny Harris
      Virginia State USBC
      Association Manager

  9. The head line reads Virgina State Tournament so why would you expect a house shot for a tournament this is for a long over due i will agree they need to work on what pattern they put out but it is a tournament not league. Thats all i got have a great day and good luck at this years tournament.

  10. I was just reading the complaint comments about the oil patterns last year. Each bowler bowled on the same shot, so what is the problem? In my opinion it is an ego problem for many house bowlers with a high average to bowl a lower average. Instead of wanting a challenge they want to cry. I liked it. Keep using challenging oil patterns.

  11. Notice the dates for Women’s state is posted – what about the entry forms? Also, did USBC decided to do anything about the averages with the Divisions yet? I have talked to several USBC members and I kept getting told they are looking into it – well it has been 3 years and still do not see anything being done about raising the average up for Division 1 and/or going back to 3 Divisions. Can any USBC member tell if they are REALLY looking into this matter.

    • From the Association Manager:


      The entry forms are being distributed at the State Jamboree meeting on the weekend of September 30 to all of the Local associations. The Locals should have them in the Centers by the middle of October. We also will have it posted to the web site in early October.

      The Tournament commitee has discussed the format and structure of the tournaments and all divisions and number of divisions will remain as they are.


      Johnny Harris
      Virginia State USBC
      Association Manager

      • Interesting – just got an application in the mail – so I also noticed that USBC went up on Sanction Fee’s this year, but yet you evidently don’t know what is going on and there are less awards during league given out – I like getting the key-chains and I know if you buy them in bulk they are less than a dollar each.

    • Holiday Inn Express
      7441 Bell Creek Road
      Mechanicsville, VA. 23111
      $99.00 plus tax
      Price includes Continential Breakfast each day
      Please mention Viriginia State Seniors Tournament when making reservations


      Johnny Harris
      Virginia State USBC
      Association Manager


  13. I was not able to bowl in the State Tournament this year due to an injury; however, I really wanted to because it was a challenging pattern. We are so spoiled by the easy house patterns that we have become lazy. No longer is accuracy and consistency the main requirement of high scores. Instead just crank it off the corner – hard and fast with some turn and wow I’m a 200 average bowler.

    The main problem with a house pattern is that every house has its own “house” pattern: i.e. 39ft & 7:1 outside to inside, 42ft & 14:1 outside to inside, etc. These are 2 that I’m aware of and they play quite differently. There is no comparison between averages, but we bowlers must compete against each other in a handicap tournament.

    I applaud the committee for trying to level the playing field. Did they go too far with the 2012 USBC Masters pattern – perhaps. Maybe 40ft with less oil outside of 7/8 while maintaining the 5:1 ratio outside to inside?
    Also redress the lanes between squads.

    In any case lets stop crying about the pattern and try to improve our bowling skills. Remember, everyone competed on the same pattern.

  14. HIGHWAY TO HELL – This 40 foot pattern is the flattest of the group and therefore can be the most difficult. With an increased amount of conditioner outside, the HIGHWAY TO HELL is a low latitude ratio pattern with very little left to right shape to help guide the bowling ball towards the pocket. Each player will have to decide and make sense of their ball reaction to decide what’s best for them to find their way down the HIGHWAY TO HELL!

  15. WORST STATE TOURNAMENT EVER. Hope the VA state USBC has learned​ their lesson.

    No house shot, but NO masters patterns next year.

    As USBC, you should already know that they have tournament condition patterns – red, white, and blue patterns.

    For the record I’m not a typical house bowler, I play sport shots quite often. I’m happy with how I played. What hurt me was watching the casual bowler who goes for fun and enjoying time with family feel defeated all weekend.

    I would HIGHLY SUGGEST you announce lane conditions next year and do something to encourage people to show up. If you do this crap again you might as well just cancel the whole thing.

  16. I bowled in the va state tournament and the lane conditions were so lousy and the centers were hot,you will lose bowlers after this year .We spend average of 1000.00 and you put a stupid ass shot out like this.thanks for everything paxton.

  17. Hello fellow bowlers I have been bowling for over 30+ years I have done plenty of tournaments however this years shot was ridiculous. We are amateurs none of us bowl for big money to have a masters pro shot out there was horrible. This is one of the reasons why (Bowling) is dying in Virginia. Every year the participation in state tournaments are declining and it is for reasons such as this year. I can almost guarantee you that next year is going to be lower than this year and if it continues you might as well start closing bowling centers. This year the tournament directors have really taking the fun out of bowling.

  18. Just returned from the open. I would like to say thank you for running a great event. While the shot was much more difficult than prior years I applaud the efforts to make the state tournament more of a competition and less of a typical league night. I hope you will continue to strive to make our tournament a competition and not a vacation. For all those who want to complain about the shot, they need to realize that the sport of bowling is like any other sport if you practice, get coaching and commit to improvement you too can compete and enjoy the competition.

  19. How you gonna have a pro shot for a state tournament ? most people don’t have averages for pro shot it’s not fair and a waste of money bad decisions on someone ..

  20. I bowled on May 20th and 21st I should have just threw my money in the trash. I need to say I am a twice a week bowler with a 170 average, not a “Professional”. The people making decision to put down a sport shot must not be bowling in this tournament. Did the decision think this would attract more bowlers or less bowlers?

  21. We bowled this weekend 5/20/17 and it was terrible. Wish we would have known it was going to be a sport/pro shot out there. Spent a lot of money to travel out of town to struggle all weekend. And every one was complaining.

  22. Just completed singles and doubles competition for 2017. Today’s lane conditions were an embarrassment. With the cost of entry increase, and the number of entries dropping, who was the ” wizard” that thought a sport type oil pattern would be fun. I am a Roanoke native and Hill Top Lanes league bowler, and felt it necessary to apologize to our out of town fellow tournament bowlers. I have been bowling in the State Open since 1983, but I will not be sending in my entry form next year.

    • Sounds like they really screwed up on this. I can appreciate wanting make it more challenging (modified house shot) but going straight to the USBC Masters 2012 and Kegel Highway to Hell is reaching too far for most bowlers. This isnt Nationals or a PBA event…its the state tournament where, please correct me if Im wrong, most bowlers avg well below 200.

      • Hello fellow bowlers
        There have been many comments here and on social media about the “shot” that is being bowled on in the Virginia State Open Tournament. The tournament’s management is following your comments and we will use them as a decision making tool for future tournaments.
        The current “shot” will remain throughout this tournament as we must finish with what we started with.
        We are sorry that you didn’t have a positive experience but we will assure you that your concerns are being heard and will be addressed moving forward.
        Thanks for your feedback
        Johnny Harris
        Virginia State USBC
        Association Manager

      • Hello fellow bowlers
        There have been many comments here and on social media about the “shot” that is being bowled on in the Virginia State Open Tournament. The tournament’s management is following your comments and we will use them as a decision making tool for future tournaments.
        The current “shot” will remain throughout this tournament as we must finish with what we started with.
        We are sorry that you didn’t have a positive experience but we will assure you that your concerns are being heard and will be addressed moving forward.
        Thanks for your feedback
        Johnny Harris
        Virginia State USBC
        Association Manager

      • I think people would love to hear the decision process behind this. I dont disagree with a more challenging condition. It helps eliminate some of the sandbagging you see year after year as well keeps people from just wheeling hard to the right/dry and letting it come flying back. But it sounds like choosing 2012 masters and HWY to Hell went from 0 to 100 REAL QUICK!

  23. Why would you use the 2012 Masters Pattern and not a modified house shot? State tournament was not fun at all this year.

      • May 19th & 20th had the USBC Masters 2012 and Kegel Highway to Hell. It would have been fine if we knew before paying and traveling.

      • Once again for the Womens’ State there an issue with the division’s and the going in average. I have talked about this for several years that either there needs to be 3 divisions and/or the first Division needs to have a higher entry average. These ladies that are only getting 21 games in to establish an average are coming in and bowling over 200’s. Not fair to those who actually don’t sand-bag. I have talked to Ann for the last year years about this. Something needs to be done prior to the next Women’s State Tournament in 2018!!!!!!

    • Im waiting for the weekend where they finally decide “oh crap we messed up” and give a house shot to that weekend and screw everyone who bowled early on. Not saying it will happen, but I wouldnt rule it out given the insanity of the current situation

    • Under our “Tournaments” page, scroll down until you see information for the “Virginia State USBC 2017 60th Women’s Championship Tournament” and click on that. If that does not work, please let us know.

  24. I sent an entry for the mixed tournament and I have not received a confirmation letter back yet. It was sent via ups overnight on October 24. Who do I need to contact to verify that it was received. I have emailed and called the # on the entry form but still no response

    • There have been computer and technical issues getting the results to the website to be posted. Hopefully these will be resolved and results posted by the end of the week.

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