Virginia State USBC 2015 Open Tournament Standings

Official Final Standings and Prize List (2015-07-10). Checks should be mailed to team captains on or around July 31, 2015. The tournament location next year will be Danville / South Boston.

Regular Team – 901 and Up

Classic Team – 900 and Below

Scratch Team

Regular Doubles – 361 and Up

Classic Doubles – 360 and Below

Scratch Doubles

Regular Singles – 181 and Up

Classic Singles – 180 and Below

Scratch Singles

Regular All Events – 181 and Up

Classic All Events – 180 and Below

Scratch All Events

26 thoughts on “Virginia State USBC 2015 Open Tournament Standings

  1. I placed 87th and am due 36.50, have not received yet . i wrote to you back on September and was told to give it some time. It is now almost December, can you assist me please.

  2. I have not received any tournament funds. I placed 87th in singles 181 and up.
    I noticed they were to he mailed July 31st, it’s now been over a month so something must have happened to it?
    Thanks I appreciate all you all have done to male this tournament a great one. Well done.

  3. Hello Mr. Legates
    First, I’m sorry that its taken awhile to get you an answer. I have been out of the office as well as taking care of some personal things. I spoke with Billy Paxton, Open Tournament Manager and he stated that this has been the tournaments procedure dating back before he was named the tournament manager in 1991. The Virginia State USBC operates under the premise of the person that bowls the event(s) is the person that receives the prize check. The only exception to this would be if the team captain and bowler that subbed had an agreement prior to the event(s) that the prize would go to the original bowler.
    Johnny Harris
    Virginia State USBC
    Association Manager

    • Thank you for the reply. That was the understanding…I am the team captain and he was aware that he would not be receiving prize money, only brackets. Would you please let me know how quickly we can get this resolved? I can mail the incorrect check back; I just need to know how quickly I can have the correct check issued. Thank you once again for your assistance.

  4. Question…we entered the team event, however one member could not make it down. We got a sub at your lanes. When i received the checks, the sub got a check. We don’t agree with this…my team mate paid, the sub did not pay any entry fees. Why is check made payable to sub? My team was team entry #301 Rather be Golfing.

    • Your message will be forwarded to the Association Manager for an official response. Since the team captain sends in the entry with one payment, the Tournament Manager is not aware of which individuals have paid and which have not, regardless of how the substitute bowler was obtained.

  5. Question: It says checks will be mailed to team captains. Does this include individual checks? For example, if I cash in singles, will my check be sent to me individually or to my team captain? Thanks!

  6. Will the entire results ever be posted for those of us that did not cash but would still like to know where we placed in the events? Or can I email someone for my ranking

  7. Everyone pays the same ,Why is it so hard to oil the lanes after each shift?I am sure everyone wouldn’t mind waiting an extra 30 minutes for fresh oil,

  8. Hello
    Billy Paxton, the Open Tournament Manager, is in the final stages of wrapping the tournament up. Virginia State USBC will post all standings and prizes as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
    Johnny Harris
    Virginia State USBC
    Association Manager

  9. I bowled this past weekend under entry 265. I was in the 180 and under all events. I shot 2272 total but don’t see my name in standings. Could you verify if this will be updated?


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