30 thoughts on “Virginia State USBC 2013 Open Tournament Standings

  1. Hello everyone
    The checks for the substitutes were sent to the team captain. If you were a substitute and haven’t received your check please let us know at vastateusbc@aol.com.
    Johnny Harris
    VA State USBC Manager

    • Checks are sent to the team captain. Your inquiry has been forwarded to the Association Manager to verify if checks for substitutes that cash are sent to the team captain or not.

  2. In response to the recent posts to the Web site regarding the Virginia State Open Tournament, I would like to address the concerns with regards to the issuance of pay outs.

    First, with over $120,000 to be distributed, we have an obligation to all participants to ensure accuracy of each payout. This is not something that is completed overnight. Second, regarding the time frame of the pay outs, the tournament ended on June 16th and pay outs were issued on July 8th, for a 22 day turn around and not over 30 days as was alleged.

    We strive to make sure the tournaments are run efficiently and accurately from beginning to end. Therefore, nothing is completed haphazardly. We apologize if this does not meet with everyone’s expectations, but procedures are followed to ensure a successful tournament.

    I would like to thank Billy Paxton for his dedication and hard work in running the tournament. His contribution to the tournament is what made it a success.

    Johnny Harris, Virginia State Association Manager

  3. Just out of curiosity, now that the scores have been posted; Does that mean checks will also be distributed? Also; It is written that the team captains will receive the money? Is this only for team events? Does the money get sent directly to the bowlers in the doubles and singles events?

    • Checks, if not already distributed, should be soon. The team captain receives all monies for bowlers on their entry forms, and are responsible for distribution of funds once received.

  4. Would definitely be interested in seeing a full list of standings or knowing the number of people/teams entered in each division.

    • The number of people/teams in each division is always announced at the beginning of each squad. As far as a full list of standings, your inquiry has been forwarded to the Association Manager.

  5. Ok so it’s been nearly a month since the tournament ended… If there’s been an issue with the scores, that’s fine. But the least we could get is some kind of statement saying that. Don’t just leave us out to dry

  6. Do the champions in each division receive any other award besides the money? Champion plaques possibly? That would be some nice hardware to hang on the wall!

    • From “Open Championship Tournament Rules”:
      13. PRIZE DISTRIBUTION: Prize money will be distributed at a ratio of at least one for every ten entries for each event, except that in All Events prize money will be distributed at a ratio of at least one for every twenty entries. Prize money shall be paid with handicaps added to actual scores. Prize Money and chevrons will be awarded to both handicap and scratch winners in each event. Prize checks will be mailed to listed “CAPTAIN”. All averages of winners will be VERIFIED before distribution of prize money. Prize money in scratch events shall be paid to actual scores. Prize money shall be returned 100%. In the event of a tie any prize money will be equally divided.

  7. Where can I find a complete list of the standings? It appears that the posted list cuts off at the highest score with a cash payout.

    Jim Caldwell
    USBC ID 9461-25494

  8. I keep trying yo see where my team placed in teams classic “Whos Carrying Who” and I guess my computer acting funny. Could you tell me what place we r n. Also I sub on that team will my check be mailed to me or the captain. I did give yall my address. Thanks. Enjoyed bowling this was my first mens state.

    • If your team was the only one with the name “Whos Carrying Who” it looks like 2nd place unofficially. The team captains are responsible for distributing the checks to the individual bowlers.

    • It was at least 1 to 2 weeks before the Women’s Standings were considered final. The Open Tournament just concluded this past weekend, final results probably won’t be ready until at least mid-week next week at the very earliest, if that.

      • I believe this process is being done improperly. I thought there had to be a list of the prize fund up if the tournament has a closing date before the tournament has been completed !

      • The prize list was (or should have been) posted or available at both venues during the tournament. There is no obligation for the tournament manager or director to provide prize lists to the web site, although they usually do around the time of submission of official final standings. If you feel this process is improper, please contact the State Association Manager (Johnny Harris, vastateusbc@aol.com) or the Open Tournament Director (Billy Paxton, vsba@sprynet.com) with your concerns.

  9. Can’t wait for June 1st and 2nd results….. you guys did a great!!!! job making everything so easy and fun. Thank you for the hard work.

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