2021 Virginia State Pepsi Youth Results

Official Results for the 2021 Pepsi Youth Championships.

The results are here!!! It was a long road to get here, but with everybody’s efforts, we beat the virus and this year’s tournament took place. We believe it was an overall success. Special thanks to the bowlers and families that supported them during this tough bowling season.

Special thanks to the Bowlero Mechanicsville staff especially Cheri and Jeremy who were there every day. Also, thanks to Brian Funnell and Orbdrillers Pro Shop for their ball donation that we raffled. And finally, thanks to Ray Otto for his support with each squad from check-in to completion and Traci Westman helping us through the “full house” squads.

Thanks once again to all the league coaches and support officials for your support of the Pepsi tournament. Because of your efforts and support, we have awarded a record of over $35,000 in scholarships in this year’s tournament.

Ken Sprigings
Tournament Director

Under 8 Girls Scratch

Under 8 Girls Handicap

Under 8 Boys Scratch

Under 8 Boys Handicap

Under 10 Girls Scratch

Under 10 Girls Handicap

Under 10 Boys Scratch

Under 10 Boys Handicap

Under 12 Girls Scratch

Under 12 Girls Handicap

Under 12 Boys Scratch

Under 12 Boys Handicap

Under 15 Girls Scratch

Under 15 Girls Handicap

Under 15 Boys Scratch

Under 15 Boys Handicap

Under 18 Girls Scratch

Under 18 Girls Handicap

Under 18 Boys Scratch

Under 18 Boys Handicap