Hall of Fame

Estelle Ligon * Golden Triangle WBA 1971
Bernice “Bea” Bennie * Washington D.C. Area WBA 1972
Marie Mowles * Roanoke Valley WBA 1973
Myrtle “Fritz” Hutchinson * Hampton WBA 1974
Syble Beal * Portsmouth WBA 1975
Ann St. Hilaire * Roanoke Valley WBA 1976
Amy Scheidt * Washington D.C. Area WBA 1977
Frances “Fran” Colohan * Washington D.C. Area WBA 1978
Jo Ann Ridpath * Golden Triangle WBA 1978
Ann Burgess * Hampton WBA 1979
Martha Burton * Washington D.C. Area WBA 1980
Mildred D. Fuller * Greater Richmond WBA 1982
Matthew R. Bennie * Nation’s Capital Area BA 1983
Raymond Cox * Augusta County BA 1983
Jane H. Davis * Roanoke Valley WBA 1983
Garnett L. Turner * Danville BA 1983
Harold L. Dawson * Upper Shenandoah BA 1984
Rhoda G. Thomas * Shenandoah Valley WBA 1984
Charles W. Wood, Jr. * Hampton Roads BA 1984
Mark E. Hutchinson * Hampton Roads BA 1985
Frances “Fran” O’Hop * Tidewater WBA 1985
George Poindexter * Roanoke BA 1985
Arthur D. Beasley * Petersburg District BA 1986
Delores (Dee) Carl * Washington D.C. Area WBA 1986
Blake Harrison * Vir-Mar District 1986
William C. Wynn * Roanoke BA 1986
Jason B. High, Jr. * Danville BA 1987
Carlyle B. Simmons * New River Valley BA 1987
Betty R. Allen * Washington D.C Area WBA 1988
Louis A. Creasy * Roanoke BA 1988
W. Amos Fargis * Hampton Roads BA 1988
Joseph V. Miseli * Nation’s Capital Area BA 1989
Joseph O’Hop * Norfolk BA 1989
Bob Ray * Hampton Roads BA 1989
Eddie Allen * Vir-Mar District 1990
Flo Badger * Tidewater WBA 1990
Carolyn D. Cotterell Tidewater WBA 1990
Robert E. Gates * Greater Richmond BA 1990
Gene C. Luke Norfolk VA 1990
Delores “Dee” Pouttu Tidewater WBA 1990
Vincent C. DiMarco * Petersburg District BA 1991
Harry Davis * Peninsula 1992
Leon Evelyn * Lynchburg Area BA 1992
Robert G. Hennessy * Nation’s Capital Area 1992
Charles Lam * Augusta County BA 1992
Jim Marion Richmond 1992
Addison Marble * South Boston BA 1993
Allan “Pete” Peterson * Tidewater 1993
James D. Bohlken Hampton Roads BA 1994
Sallie C. Feaganes Shenandoah Valley WBA 1994
Paul F. Frenzel * Upper Shenandoah BA 1994
Clye D. Fuller Roanoke BA 1994
Robert W. Kemp Greater Richmond BA 1994
Paul M. Capps * Norfolk BA 1995
James L. Chitwood * Roanoke BA 1995
Emma Lee Cregger * Marion WBA 1995
Mary-Ann Keyes Greater Petersburg WBA 1995
Jeff Moore Peninsula 1995
Martha C. Van Meter Greater Petersburg 1995
James D. Wood * South Boston BA 1995
John Yacconi * Peninsula 1995
Paul Zevgolis Greater Richmond BA 1995
Reba Callis Tidewater WBA 1996
Wyatt D. Driskill * Lynchburg Area BA 1996
Cornell Jackson Washington D.C. Area WBA 1996
Billy R. Zeh * Nation’s Capital Area BA 1996
Frank Broome * Bristol BA 1997
Jeannette Goodson * Danville 1997
Chris Laughlin * Lynchburg Area BA 1997
Tom Laughlin * Lynchburg Area BA 1997
Fran Sansone Tidewater WBA 1997
Alton Forbes * Norfolk BA 1998
Irma Peterson * Tidewater 1998
Kenneth Sprigings New River Valley BA 1998
Albert “Al” Watlet, Jr. * Hampton Roads BA 1998
Rick Ketchie Vir-Mar District 1999
Shirley King Vir-Mar District 1999
Billy Joe Meadows Henry County BA 1999
Thurman Ogden Lynchburg Area BA 1999
Audrey McCormick Danville 2000
Ira W. Paxton, Jr. Roanoke BA 2000
Anne Ray Peninsula 2000
Ed Tatum Petersburg District BA 2000
Ray Brothers Nation’s Capital Area BA 2001
Joy F. Allred * Tidewater WBA 2001
Barbara A. Hines * Greater Richmond WBA 2001
Betty M. Mason Apple Valley WBA 2001
Jim Robinson Greater Richmond BA 2001
Norma Sain Vir-Mar District 2001
Linwood “Pete” Shaffer * Roanoke BA 2001
Fred Hersey Norfolk BA 2002
Jim Kincaid Peninsula 2002
Sam Snavely * Bristol BA 2002
Preston Carraway Norfolk BA 2003
David Merricks Danville BA 2003
Robert Puffenberger * Augusta County BA 2003
Maggie Szahowski Peninsula 2003
Ron Berry Upper Shenandoah BA 2004
Melissa Brownie Greater Richmond 2004
Mike Castelvecchi * Greater Richmond BA 2004
Tom Dale Vir-Mar District 2004
Ernestine Driver Tidewater WBA 2004
Sheila Mays Lynchburg Area 2004
Leon Clark * Lynchburg Area BA 2005
Sam Farthing, Jr. Danville BA 2005
Laura Waters Hampton WBA 2005
Jane Farley Henry County USBC WBA 2006
Don Kendrick Henry County USBC BA 2006
Mary Jo Lindsey Roanoke Valley USBC WBA 2006
James Washington, Jr. Greater Richmond 2006
Bill Binks Hampton Roads USBC BA 2007
Chad Burchett * Hampton Roads USBC BA 2007
Don Johnson Piedmont USBC BA 2007
Katherine “Kay” Mull * Apple Valley USBC WBA 2007
Bob Pancoast Peninsula 2007
Mary Pancoast Peninsula 2007
Danny Wingfield Lynchburg Area USBC 2007
Todd A. Allred Norfolk USBC BA 2008
Kayla Bandy Danville 2008
Rick Cupp New River Valley USBC 2008
Mike Terrell Hampton Roads USBC BA 2008
Chris Bolosan Peninsula USBC 2009
Lola Collins * C’ville-Albemarle USBC WBA 2009
Sara Discioscia Peninsula USBC 2009
Mike Eckles Greater Roanoke Area USBC 2009
Johnny Harris Lynchburg Area USBC 2009
Darlene Parsons Danville USBC 2009
Wayne Ripley * Peninsula USBC 2009
Rebecca Williamson Greater Petersburg & Greater Richmond 2009
David Anderson South Boston USBC 2010
Audry L. Mullans Greater Richmond USBC 2010
Judith A. Edwards Nation’s Capital Area USBC 2011
Louis Watson, Jr. GR Richmond USBC 2011
Sheila Hicks Greater Roanoke Area USBC 2012
Ed Quinn Greater Roanoke Area USBC 2012
Terry Stike New River Valley USBC 2012
Roberta “Robbie” Thomas Alleghany-Bath USBC 2012
Ann Harrison Appomattox River USBC 2013
Laurie Zirkle Greater Roanoke Area USBC 2013
Linda Ackiss Tidewater USBC 2014
Brandon Smith Peninsula USBC 2014
Tony Adkins Lynchburg & Danville USBC 2015
John Beasley Greater Richmond & Appomattox USBC 2015
Ronnie Horton New River Valley USBC 2015
Kevin Morris Virginia Peninsula USBC 2015
Betty Watlet Virginia Peninsula USBC 2015
Ford Mason Tidewater USBC 2016
John “Kip” Roberts, Jr. Greater Richmond USBC 2016
Paul Rumbaugh Greater Fredericksburg USBC 2016
Betty Robinson Central Shenandoah Valley USBC 2017
Tammy Spivey Greater Richmond USBC 2017
James Wolfe Greater Fredericksburg USBC 2017
Tommy Wooldridge Lynchburg Area USBC 2017
Renee Brubaker Virginia Peninsula USBC 2018
Cayla Hicks Greater Roanoke Area USBC and New River Valley USBC 2018
Kenneth Lane Alleghany-Bath USBC 2019
Thomas Merritt Upper Shenandoah Valley USBC 2019
Brian Scott Wright Greater Roanoke Valley USBC 2019
Ellin Cobler Southern Piedmont USBC 2019
Fred Massie Lynchburg Area USBC 2019
William H Enochs Sr. Lynchburg Area USBC 2019
James Ellinger Central Shenandoah Valley USBC 2020
James Hamby Greater Richmond USBC 2020
Wenda Henry Virginia Peninsula USBC 2020
Charlene Osborne Virginia Peninsula USBC 2020

* Deceased

11 thoughts on “Hall of Fame

  1. Johnny, I noticed the asterisk was dropped off from Rhoda G. Thomas. Rhoda deceased in 2001. In your spare time maybe you can get your web person to fix for us.
    Thank you so much, my friend.

  2. Hello Lydia
    There are some of the past tournament standings listed in the “Standings” section header above. I’m not sure how far back you are looking to go for information but that would be a great place to start. The form to submit for the Hall of Fame is also in the “Forms” section header above.
    Johnny Harris
    Virginia Satte USBC
    Association Manager

  3. 2 questions. How do I research a bowler and their standings in State tournaments? And how do I submit someone for the Hall of Fame in this State? Thank you

  4. Hello Richard
    The Hall of Fame candidate form can be found under the “Forms” tab in the header above. The information is included for sending the form to the Hall of Fame Chairman.If you require additional help please contact me at 434-660-1780.
    Johnny Harris
    Virginia State USBC
    Association Manager

    • Your question has been forwarded to the Association Manager, who will forward it to the Hall of Fame Committee. Do you know if he has ever been actually nominated and the appropriate forms and information submitted?

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