2018 Virginia State Pepsi Youth Results

Official Results for the 2018 Pepsi Youth Championships.

Standings include scholarship awards as noted in the standings for each division. Scholarship awards will be sent to the USBC SMART program. Bowlers receiving a scholarship award will also be receiving a confirmation letter from Ken Sprigings.

Under 8 Girls Scratch

Under 8 Girls Handicap

Under 8 Boys Scratch

Under 8 Boys Handicap

Under 10 Girls Scratch

Under 10 Girls Handicap

Under 10 Boys Scratch

Under 10 Boys Handicap

Under 12 Girls Scratch

Under 12 Girls Handicap

Under 12 Boys Scratch

Under 12 Boys Handicap

Under 15 Girls Scratch

Under 15 Girls Handicap

Under 15 Boys Scratch

Under 15 Boys Handicap

Under 20 Girls Scratch

Under 20 Girls Handicap

Under 20 Boys Scratch

Under 20 Boys Handicap